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    • Hosta ‘White Feather’

      Hostas are one from the most popular and unique of perennials to shady areas, with hundreds of varieties. Plants form sturdy mounds of foliage, topped with Read More »
    • How to deviding Hosta

      Spring and fall are the best time to divide your Hosta, But do not mean you can divide it every year if you plant them in Read More »
    • Giant Hosta

      Giant big leaf hosta cultivars start at 28 inches tall and can grow up to 46 inches tall and to more than 6 feet in width. Read More »
    • Blue Hostas

      There are few plants that demonstrated a true shade of blue foliage for the garden, Normally the attractive of plant is flower since Hostas are noted Read More »
    • Uses and ideas for Hostas in your garden

      Hostas are great for beginners due to it easy and rapidly to grow, more than that to make difference in your garden you can use hosta Read More »
    • Hosta varities

      By the characteristic of leaf and flower we could categorizes hosta as following – Blue Hosta – Green Hosta – Yellow or golden hosta – White Read More »
    • How I Grow Hostas From Seed

      Not all hostas produce seeds. And Hosta that come from seed take a very long time to mature. You can also hybrid Hosta and get new Read More »
    • Take care your Hosta

      Hostas require very little care. They are probably one of the lowest maintenance in your garden just remember that Hosta need a lot of water so Read More »
    • Streaked Hostas

      Hostas that show a different color around the edge of the leaves or in the center of the leaves (medio variegated). Streaked Hostas have streaks of Read More »
    • Mini Hosta

      Miniature hostas are perfect as border perennial plants it’s also look great planted together in bowls, a slow growing make it good in gravel beds, separately Read More »