How to deviding Hosta

Spring and fall are the best time to divide your Hosta, But do not mean you can divide it every year if you plant them in ground 3-5 years and have a sign that they reach much maturity slow down

Uses and ideas for Hostas in your garden

Hostas are great for beginners due to it easy and rapidly to grow, more than that to make difference in your garden you can use hosta as, •  Border/Edger planting – with the rapidly horizontal growth Hosta is suit for

Hosts structural & Clump size classify

Plant shape Hostas usually reach their full maturity in 4-8 years. Some cultivar can grow up to a couple feet in diameter, Hostas are herbaceous perennially plant that emerge from smalls and develop the leaves at the base of the

How can Hostas over winter?

A.Planting in ground The annual life cycle of Hosta illustrates the phenomenon of winter dieback known as dormancy. The plant leaves wither change to yellow-papery and collapse, the plant appears to have died. While dormancy,the Hosta conserves energy in its

How I Grow Hostas From Seed

Not all hostas produce seeds. And Hosta that come from seed take a very long time to mature. You can also hybrid Hosta and get new hosta by seed that why when you plant hosta from seeds, you never know

Hosta ‘White Feather’

Hostas are one from the most popular and unique of perennials to shady areas, with hundreds of varieties. Plants form sturdy mounds of foliage, topped with lily-like blooms. This miniature selection has unusual pointed ivory-cream leaves the plants emerge snow

Color change in Hosta

The most fascinate thing about hosta is their foliage color change during season. Only a few group of plant have this character this change due to spectrum of conlor and their variegation. Color change may start with white centres (or

How and Time to transplant Hosta

Hosta are a perennial plant It’s easy to move or transplant, you just be careful that the root not much loose do not loose that will stress them.Spring is the best time to transplant due to moisture and temperature are

How to plant Hosta in container

Hostas are the good choice for container especially small or mini Hostas are very popular. Hostas in containers need more frequent watering than those grown directly in the ground ,recommend to watering them daily.Make sure that the pot have a

Condition to kill your Hosta

Hostas are rapidly grown and durable, rugged plants easy to grow need less care but some hardy condition will effect to hosta life. Herbiside, if you need to use herbiside for control weed in your garden make sure you protect