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    • Hosta ‘White Feather’

      Hostas are one from the most popular and unique of perennials to shady areas, with hundreds of varieties. Plants form sturdy mounds of foliage, topped with Read More »
    • Corrugate Hosta

      It were call in many namesuch ,Rugose, seersucker, puckered, wrinkled, crinkled, quilted, or dimpled. Corrugate hosta is the hostas that have folds, ridges, and grooves on Read More »
    • More information and Fact about White Hostas

      White hostas are seemed magical plants. However, it could ever come across one even in the experience garden. Because of basic knowledge about  chlorophyll (green pigment Read More »
    • Blue Hostas

      There are few plants that demonstrated a true shade of blue foliage for the garden, Normally the attractive of plant is flower since Hostas are noted Read More »
    • Fragrant Hostas

      Flower of hosta bloom later in the summer, usually August that why we call “August Lily” Hosta plantaginea is name the all gardener know well cause Read More »
    • White or Partially white Hosta

      Partially white hosta is easy and less care plant. The problem with the  partially white hostas is that there is no chlorophyll in the white tissue. Read More »
    • Hosts structural

      Plant shape Hostas usually reach their full maturity in 4-8 years. Some cultivar can grow up to a couple feet in diameter, Hostas are herbaceous perennially Read More »
    • Pests & Disease

      A.Slugs Hostas seem to be pest free. However, Deer, slugs do enjoy eating in the leaves of hostas. The significant problem that is occurring on occasion Read More »
    • How to deviding Hosta

      Spring and fall are the best time to divide your Hosta, But do not mean you can divide it every year if you plant them in Read More »
    • How and Time to transplant Hosta

      Hosta are a perennial plant It’s easy to move or transplant, you just be careful that the root not much loose do not loose that will Read More »