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Color change in Hosta

The most fascinate thing about hosta is their foliage color change during season. Only a few group of plant have this character this change due to spectrum of conlor and their variegation. Color change may start with white centres (or streaky centres) that gradually green up, some go the other way and gradually turn lighter during the season too.

There are three type of changes that possible. This face gives you an idea how to create and decorate your garden with white or patricianly white hosta. Three change are consist of
1. Viridescence (greenish)
2. Lutescense
3. Albescence
1. Viridescence (greenish)
The hosta that will emerges white or yellow and becomes greener later when the seasons change. The hostas in this group are

Amy Elizabeth Hosta

13” T x 35” W
A small hosta chartreuse in centre of heart shape leave with a medium green margin.
Lavender flower
Lemon frost
8” T x 20” W
Light green leave with a narrow slim white margin,purple flowers
Gold Edger
Heart-shaped leaves that are greenish-yellow at first, turning rich soft yellow later, Lavender flower
Guardian Angel
2 ft T x 3 ft W
Large thick blue green leave with white in center ,lavender flower
Heart Broken
10” T x 20” W
Rounded leaves that emerge bright yellow, turning medium green with a heavily rippled margin in spring and dark green by fall, Pale purple flower
Little Sunspot

10” T x 15” W
Small , cupped ,gold leave with green margin waxy underneath, white tinged flower with pale lavender stripes
Eskimo Pie
26” T x 32” W
Wavy leaves that emerge with creamy-white center ,chartreuse streaking and blue-green margins. The centres lighten to white and the streaking changes to apple-green as the season progresses, white flowers appear in summer
Fortunei Albopicta
24” T x 49” W
Leaves emerge with a bright cream center and green margins later change to all green by mid-summer. Lavender flowers in abundance
22” T x 36” W
Hybrid from one of America's top breeders, Olga Petryszyn. The grayish green heart-shaped leaves with heavily corrugated and heavy rippling on the margins. Rosy-lavender flowers.
10” T x 18” W
Immerge intensely brigh yellow in spring
Become more chartreuse in summer
Leave are slightly rippled make a dense mound. Purple flower standing on yellow scapes

2. Lutescense

Hosta that emerge with shades of green that turn to shades of white or yellow.

August Moon
24 ” T x 42” W

Large hosta with Heart-shaped, cupped, puckered, pale green leaves, lavender flower
Thai brass
24 ” T x 20” W

Puckered yellow leaves of good substance tubular light purple flowers
Gold Standard
22 ” T x 36” W

Leaf center immerge light green in spring and become progressive gold in summer. Wide golden –yellow in center trimmed with dark green, lavender flower
Golden Scepter

16” T x 35” W

Leaves emerge chartreuse but mature to golden yellow. A sunny golden yellow, heart-shaped and deeply ribbed. The flowers are bell-shape lavender
Golden Sculpture
30 ” T x 72 ” W

Giant vase-shaped hosta with rich gold foliage. Leaves emerge chartreuse and brighten to gold.Near white flowers
Little Aurora
14 ” T x 40 ” W

Heart shape and cupped with very bright golden, small leaves have moderate corrugation, lavender to near white flowers
Golden Waffles
24 ” T x 24 ” W

Brilliant golden leaves, intensely corrugated when mature. Rounded greenish yellow foliage that turns golden with age ivory flower
22 ”T x 48 ”W

Large hosta has bright golden-yellow leaves with a wide blue-green margin that streaks into the center, lavender flowers
Piedmont Gold

25”T x 59 ”W
Large heart-shaped has brigh-yellow golden leaves. Pale lavender to white flower

3. Albescence

Hosta that emerge in a shade of yellow-green and turn to near white

1 ft T x 2 ft W

Narrow white leaves with a green edge, lilac flower
Fan Dance
12" T x 18" W

Emerges bright yellow, with a green margin. The chartreuse leaf becomes near white as the season progresses. It has a dark green margin of irregular width. The color will depend upon how much sunlight, lavender flower
Grand prize
10” T x 15 ” W

Green leave very wide vivid gold margin that brighten to cream in summer, purple flower
Paul’s glory
25” T x 55 ” W

Large hosta that beautiful on standing alone with bright yellow to creamy white heart-shaped leaves with an irregular blue-green margin, lavender flowers
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