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Corrugate Hosta

It were call in many namesuch ,Rugose, seersucker, puckered, wrinkled, crinkled, quilted, or dimpled.

Corrugate hosta is the hostas that have folds, ridges, and grooves on their textured foliage. The wrinkles seem to increase as plants mature,

The samples of this group are

Love pat
18” T x 48” W

Medium-sized selection has very thick, powdery blue cupped leaves with a quilted texture. Near-white flowers appear
Baby bunting
10” T x 26” W

Tiny rounded leaves that begin grey-blue in colour, later becoming dark green. Look great in rock garden, Bright purple flowers
August Moon
3 ft T x 3 ft W

Heart-shaped, cupped, puckered, outstanding deeply-crinkled bright gold leave which reaches 20 to 24 inches tall and 36 to 42 inches wide.
Bell-shaped, grayish white flowers
Big daddy
36” T x 24” W

Hosta with great chalky blue leaves that at maturity become cupped and grow into three feet tall clumps Great leaf substance with pest resistant. The flowers are white and bell shaped will bloom in mid June.
22 ” T x 48” W

Large hosta has beautiful bright gold corrugate leaves with a wide blue-green margin that streaks into the center.
Light lavender flowers mid summer.
Paul’s glory
22 ” T x 55 ” W

Large fast growing hosta that can serve as a stand alone focal point. gold heart-shaped leaves with an irregular blue-green margin.
Abiqua Drink ground
18 ” T x 45 ” W

Huge, deeply cupped, corrugated foliage. The giant leaves never lose their shape or stunning powder-blue-green color, even in the hottest weather, White flower.
Great expectation
20 ” T x 40 ” W

Oval, puckered, basal leaves with creamy white centers and wide, irregular, blue-green margins. Leaf centers emerge gold in spring before aging to creamy white.
Slow growing but worth to wait as their name.
White flower are display above the foliage about 24 “ in mid summer.

Tokudama aureonebulosa
15 ” T x 32” W

Rounded leave with heart-shaped, lightly cupped and very puckered. In the spring they are chartreuse with a nice blue-green margin and toward summer become a lighten to yellow with a dark and medium green edge. Pale white flower are display above the foliage about 24 “ in mid summer
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