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Fragrant Hostas

Flower of hosta bloom later in the summer, usually August that why we call “August Lily” Hosta plantaginea is name the all gardener know well cause of very large white flowers in August with .6+ inches long and pure white bigger than other hosta.

Hosta plantaginea is also could reflushing new foliage during the summer months. While most hosta species send up all of their foliage in spring.
Plantaginea has long been a popular plant in hybridizing many hybrid hosta came from hosta plantagenea.
Fragrant Hostas tolerate more sun heat and humidity than any group of Hostas their origin from china gave this benefit.

56 officially registered as fragrant flowers) of these, only 27 are actually available/ genetically stable/ and truly fragrant
Flagrant hosta list

Fragrant Bouquet
28" T x 48 " W

A large hosta with apple green foliage and wide cream leaf margins.
Large funnel shaped fragrant white flowers in late summer.
So sweetsosweet21" T x 47 " W

Deep green leaves with creamy-yellow margins that lighten to white as the season progresses. In late summer, fragrant pale lavender to white flowers appear.
Fragrant Blue
20" T x 4 " W

Chalky blue leaves that hold the blue color. This is a one of blue hosta
Barely fragrant light lavender flowers
22" T x 45 " W

Heart Pucker downward long wavy light to medium green leave
Pale lavender bell shape and flagrant flower
Sweet Susan
30" T x 18 " W

Shiny medium green leaves with 8 pairs of veins
Tubular light purple flower.
Royal standard
26" T x 63 " W

Large hosta crossing from H. plantaginea and H. sieboldiana.
Large mounds of wavy green glossy Narrow, oval, bright leave.

Highly fragrant, funnel-shaped, white flower bloom on late summer.
Avocado Hosta
28" T x 48" W
Giant Hosta
Oval to heart-shaped on shinny leave with a chartreuse turning yellow center and a wide, medium green margin.
Large fragrant white flowers.
Fragrant Queen
Fragrant Queen
16" T x 25" W

Rounded, glossy, dark green leaves, each edged with a wide creamy border and topped in midsummer with stalks of light lavender, very fragrant flowers.
28" T x 48 " W

The thick blue green leaves are highlighted with a creamy central band.
white flowers
Fried Green Tomatoes
25 " T x 59 " W

Leaves are dark green and slightly wavy
White flowers with fragrant.
25" T x 55" W

Heat-tolerant species from China
With bright green foliage.
All fragrant hostas have some H. Plantaginea genes from hybridization.
Large fragrant white flowers with beautiful pure white and the most fragrant of all hosta flowers

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