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Giant Hosta

Giant big leaf hosta cultivars start at 28 inches tall and can
grow up to 46 inches tall and to more than 6 feet in width.
With this ultimate size. Giant hosta plants need unlimited water and a deep rich soil, more so than the smaller cultivars of should plant it away from competing tree roots to make a giant hosta plant to achieve its maximum potential.
Blue angle hosta is the popular among gaint hosta group

Sum and Substance
3 ft T x 6 ft W
One of largest hosta leave color varies with the sun explore from chartreuse land become gold in summer ,forms a giant mound of wavy chartreuse foliage that is corrugated and cupped up and down.
lavender display on summer.
Blue angle
3 ft T x 4 ft W
Large heart shape blue green leave with heavy and petioles stand upright holding the leaf horizontal then cascade downward forming a huge mounded plant
Mature can grows to 36" tall with the pale-lavender flowers reaching up to 48" that will blooms in midsummer.
Big Daddy
36 ” T x 24” W
Hosta with great chalky blue leaves that at maturity become cupped and grow into three feet tall clumps Great leaf substance with pest resistant. The flowers are white and bell shaped will bloom in mid June.
Blue Umbrellas

32 ” T x 48” W
Leaves with Huge blue, umbrella-like.Leaves tend to become greener in summer.
Pale lavender flowers in midsummer
All that Jazz Hosta

29” T x 52” W
A giant hosta with shiny green on heart shape leaves with a slightly rippled yellow margin.Pure white flowers
Allegan Emperor Hosta
30” T x 72” W
A huge and thick (one foot long leave)vase-shaped mound that changes color from bluish green in spring to a shiny dark green in summer.
Lavender flowers on 48 inch scapes
Alex Summers Hosta
32” T x 60” W
The middle of the leaf is dark green /blue with a contrasting, wide golden border ,medium lavender flowers
Empress Wu
4 ft T x 6 ft W
Huge dark green deeply veined leave in good condition it can reach to 1.2 feet wide and long leaf. Strongly upright forming a very high and wide clump
Pale reddish violet purple
Big Top Hosta
32” T x 41” W
A large hosta with huge 14-inch by 13-inch leaf. The underside of the leaf is white. Large shiny green leaves are deeply corrugated and slightly cupped. Off-white flowers
Dream Weaver
30” T x 72” W
A sport of 'Great Expectations' with a wider margin.
Creamy white in center of cupped leaves contrasts nicely with the wide blue-green border.
White flower
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