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Green Hostas

Green hosta is so fascinate in the garden due to the beautiful shade of green along with wild leaf characteristics. By hybridizing many variation of shade were created. Colorful of leave on hosta depending on genetics, exposure to sunlight or soil and light absorbing chlorophyll in their leave that why some slightly green some darker.

The expert on hosta explain on the shiny of hosta leave

“The shiny layer on hosta leaves is based in the cuticle, which is the topmost layer of the leaf epidermis. The epidermis is the outer multi-layered group of cells covering the leaf. It forms the boundary separating the plant’s inner cells from the environment. The epidermis serves several functions: protection against water loss, regulation of gas exchange, and secretion of metabolic compounds. The epidermis is usually transparent, since epidermal cells lack chloroplasts and outermost coat is a waxy cuticle that prevents water loss. Thus, the plant cuticle has a primary role in water conservation, but is also an important barrier against the entry of pathogenic microorganisms. The cuticle consists of a cross-linked polymer called “cutin” and provides a protective wax layer that seals the plant surface. The waxy layer of the cuticle is obvious, appearing either as a shiny film on some hosta leaves or as a glaucous outer covering that gives a gray or blue appearance to hosta leaves. That glaucous type of cuticle has light scattering crystals present in the wax, which give a dull, rather than a shiny appearance. Several factors can determine how shiny the leaf surface appears including the amount of wax,

the type of wax, the crystalline structure of the epicuticular wax, leaf texture and in some genera leaf hairiness. The cuticle can be damaged by external forces like rubbing or mechanically polishing through which it becomes shinier because the structure of the epicuticular wax is physically changed. The physical characteristics of the cuticle are based on environmental adaptation of plants, in our case hostas, in response to terrestrial conditions and the underlying reason has not been studied in the genus Hosta. Shiny cuticle characteristics are genetically passed on to progeny, and appear to be dominant in F1 and F2 pod progeny of “shiny” species like H. yingeri. It should be noted that glaucous characteristics usually disappear as the growing season progresses and are not as permanent as the shiny phase.”—W. George Schmid

Some of favorite Green


16" T x 34" W
A very shiny dark green leaves that curl upward while the sides of the leaves turn downward. Rippled margins make great when stand alone.
Purple flowers
Church Mouse
Church Mouse
12" T x 14 " W

Mini green–hosta with thick rounded, blue-green leaves are ringed with a coarsely ruffled edge bell-shaped, lavender flowers.
Marilyn Monroe
14" T x 36 " W

Heart-shaped thick leaves green with an intense white underside. The waxy leaves have ruffled margins.Lavender flowers
Green Jeans
15" T x 40" W

Shiny dark green leaf Hybrid from ‘Aureomarginata' x Hosta yingeri.
Wide vigorous clumps are composed of rich green leaves Deep Purple flower
Irish Luck
18" T x 36 " W

Glossy & dark green leave with rippled margins and deep veining. Light purple bell-shaped flowers
Red Neck Heaven
13" T x 30 " W

Medium green, with thick white wax on the back of the leaves. Green leave with a heavily rippled margin
white flowers emerge sideways
Sum and Substance
30"T x 60 "W

Giant heart-shaped, flat leaves have a glossy chartreuse hue that changes to gold when more sun.
Purple/Lavender Flower.
Glossy green leaves with
amazing amount of waviness
Large pale lavender flowers.
Surfer Dude
18" T x 48 " W

A unique wavy edge with thick grayish-green leaves.upright leaves that arch outwards like a giant wave slightly fragrant purple flowers
Get NekkidGetNekkid12" T x 27 " W

Glossy green wavy leaf hosta with an amazing floral display.
Hybrid from ‘Elvis Lives' and ‘Hosta yingeri lavender flowers


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