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Hostas Mature Clump size classify

Hostas Mature Clump size classify

For 5 years growing in ideal condition in same area. Hosta mature will get large clump. When purchasing new plants they will be classified in one of these classifications:

• Dwarf:                  less than 4″ in diameter
• Miniature:             5″ – 9″ in diameter
• Small:                  10″ – 15″ in diameter
• Medium:             16″ – 24″ in diameter
• Large:                 25″ – 36″ in diameter
• Very large:         Over 36″ in diameter

Guideline for size categories by American Hosta Grower Association (AHGA)
Size                          Clump Height                                Leaf Area
Giant                       Greater than 28 inch                   > 144 square inch
Large                      18-28 inch                                      81-144 square inch
Medium                  10-18 inch                                     25-81 square inch
Small                       6-10 inch                                       10-25 square inch
Miniature               Less than 6 inch                            Up to 10 square inch
Based on average mature clump heights (generally 5+ years)
Measurement may vary considerably depending on the age of clump growing condition in America it have simple fact that hosta grow faster in the North than in the South.AHGA (American Hosta Growers Association) set standard for 2 zone of customer that helpful and declare it for customer expectation.

Size                                    North                                         South
Mini                                   up to 8 inch                               up to 7 inch
Small                                 9-14     inch                                 8-11 inch

Medium                           15-22 inch                                  12-18 inch

Large                                23-29 inch                                 19-24 inch
Giant                                30 inch  and above                    25 inch and above

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