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How and Time to transplant Hosta

Hosta are a perennial plant It’s easy to move or transplant, you just be careful that the root not much loose do not loose that will stress them.Spring is the best time to transplant due to moisture and temperature are moderate.Do not transplant in summer that too hot, soil is dry and hard .3 things that are necessary for move then (good shovel , nutritious additives for the soil, bigger pot or new hole wider in new ground)
1. Dig all around the hosta clump by using a garden shovel or fork.
2. Pop the clump out of the ground (same method as you will divide)
3. Remove the old soil as much as you can by gentle to protect root damage.
4. Move your hosta to its new home. (If the clump is too big recommend to divide before move to new home)

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