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How to deviding Hosta

Spring and fall are the best time to divide your Hosta, But do not mean you can divide it every year if you plant them in ground 3-5 years and have a sign that they reach much maturity slow down to grow and need more space and fresh soil, it’s the time to divide.

1. Dig up the whole hosta plant with shovel.
2. Remove soil as mush as you can from the root by shaking them or spray with water hose
3. Cut it into divisions with a sharp and clean knife.The root are entangled severely.
4. Be sure each section has a crown and roots, and don’t forget to clean the knife before moving on to the next plant.
5. Hosta can be divide any time if soil suit enough to be dig but it will more easier if do it on early spring before they sprout up from the ground.
6..Plant your divisions in a hole that is twice as deep as the as the root section. Add any soil , such as compost, and then mound the soil in the middle of the hole. the hosta roots will grow down over the mound while the crown stays at soil level.
7. Don’t forget to provide enough water to the newly plant
You can also divide your hostas in the same manner during early spring just before the new leaves unfold.

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