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How to plant Hosta in container

Hostas are the good choice for container especially small or mini Hostas are very popular. Hostas in containers need more frequent watering than those grown directly in the ground ,recommend to watering them daily.Make sure that the pot have a big hole enough at bottom for good drainage.

To plant your hostas in containers:
1. Fill the pot with mix soil (Do not use normal soil or garden soil for pot planting. Their drainage abilities are different and may cause of damage ) 1/2 depth of container.
2. we are not recommend to use the rock at the bottom of container due to it will reduce soil and root system space in the container
3. Slow release fertilizer will add after this layer if needs mix it well with soil under.
4. Remove the Hosta to the container, centre it then fill with more mix good soil.
5. Water the Hosta in container with gentle.
6. You may cover the surface by small pebble that not only for beautiful but it also help to reduce slug and keep the soil’s moisture.

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