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Mini Hosta

Miniature hostas are perfect as border perennial plants it’s also look great planted together in bowls, a slow growing make it good in gravel beds, separately in pots.
miniature hostas are less than 6 inches tall. many minis will eventually (5-7 years) in good condition.
All varieties of miniature hosta do need a little care and slow growing especially 1 or 2 year during their root small. Miniature hosta need less of water a lot of a light, well-aerated compost make sure planting area is good drainage, wetness or freezing condition will make their root die.
Most minis will grow well event in small containers but the problem with a very small pot is that after a year or two the root growth with limited compost in the pot the growing trend to decline it’s the best time to re- pot . You also can feeding them with fertilizer , when choosing a fertilizer, choose one with 10-20 nitrogen content
Miniature hosta could be divide same as other hosta .
To divide, depending on the size of the plant, Before you divide, check well that the root ball is a good size and the plant most strongly and has multiple eyes.

Baby Bunting Hosta
8" T x 15" W

Thick blue gray leaves with heart shaped,
Pale lavender flowers.
Tiny tear
6" T x 21" W

Tear-drop shaped leaves forming a dense mound of green foliage look good in rock garden with lavender flowers.
Cookie Crumbs Hosta
5" T x 16 " W

Nearly same ‘Tiny Tears but emerge with white edges. Purple flower on mid July.
Crown Jewel Hosta
Crown Jewel Hosta
4" T x 12 " W

Yellow –green color leave with thin white margin and lavender flower.
Blue Mouse Ears
6" T x 8 " W

Very thick green leaves with cupping shape, violet flowers.
Sunlight Child
6" T x 10" W

Small elongated shiny yellow leaves with leathery substance, lavender flowers
Curly Fries Hosta
5" T x 16" W

Very stiff, narrow leaves are heavily ruffled. Leaves emerge chartreuse and brighten to yellow. Lavender flowers
Cameo Hosta
6" T x 12" W

Light green leaves, with creamy white margins
Small lavender flowers
Baby Booties
Hybrid from Hosta 'Swoosh' x Hosta capitata.
Green leaves and a cream margin with
lavender flowers
Daisy Doolittle Hosta
6"T x 12" W

Narrow green centers with a wide creamy-white margin.
Lavender flowers in mid-summer
Slim and Trim Hosta
5" T x 6" W

Blue green to dark green, wavy and dense. Purple flowers.
Cheatin Heart Hosta
8" T x 18" W

Golden yellow, with green veins. Foliage is slightly dimpled, edge rippled, and heart shaped. Tubular and lavender flower.
Hosta 'Stolen Kiss
6" T x 12" W

Look like ‘ Cheatin Heart’
Bright gold leaves with a dark green edge
Cherish Hosta
6" T x 12" W

Round leaves of blue green, with yellow centers fading to near white, and sharp streaks. Tiny bell shaped, purple flowers
Hope Hosta
6" T x 12" W

Green leaves and yellow margins. Purple flowers
Holy Mouse Ears
6" T x 12" W

Look like ‘Blue mouse ears’
Thick round blue-green leaves with a creamy-white centre Lavender flowers in summer.
Cat's Eye

5" T x 14" W

Micro hosta with gold leaves neatly edged in dark green margins very beautiful in pot than in the garden

striped red - veined purple flowers
Lakeside Cupcake
5" T x 12 " W

A small hosta in cup shape
Nearly round leave with blue green margin and yellow golden centre.
Lavender flower
Cherry Tomato
4" T x 12 "W

White leaves and dark green margins with
bright purple flowers borne on red stalk.
Crepe Soul
6" T x 15" W

Medium green with a cream edge on leaves and dark Purple flowers
Appletini Hosta
6" T x 14" W

Waxy thick apple-green leaves with Purple flowers in late summer.

4" T x 11" W

Very wavy white leaves with a thin green margin. cute miniature hosta that look great in pot
Lavender flowers
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