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More information and Fact about White Hostas

White hostas are seemed magical plants. However, it could ever come across one even in the experience garden. Because of basic knowledge about  chlorophyll (green pigment or molecule that plants use to convert sunlight into energy )plants can only use green pigmentation to create chlorophyll for their growing This means that all pure white hostas (no green pigment) , as beautiful as they are, must either develop green tissue in some day for their survival. The time that their will show off in white color leave up to the store energy in each plant.

We can say that, there are no white hostas. The basic color of hosta are green, blue, and yellow. White can be a center or margin accent color. Four color as mention can appear in any combination of centers, margins, and streaks. (Recently hosta breeder can breed red tone color)

Any way if you want to plant white hosta be known that it will become to change color of leave throughout the growing season afterward. Genetics play the most important role in the color of hostas, Heat and directly sunlight are the external factor that direct effect in the time of change some change very quickly while other change slowly.

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