Pests & Disease


A.Slugs Hostas seem to be pest free. However, Deer, slugs do enjoy eating in the leaves of hostas. The significant problem that is occurring on occasion is crown rot. In the South this rot will become a problem in the

Take care your Hosta

Hosta White Feather

Hostas require very little care. They are probably one of the lowest maintenance in your garden just remember that Hosta need a lot of water so it good to do not plant them in full hot sun. Even hosta is

Corrugate Hosta


It were call in many namesuch ,Rugose, seersucker, puckered, wrinkled, crinkled, quilted, or dimpled. Corrugate hosta is the hostas that have folds, ridges, and grooves on their textured foliage. The wrinkles seem to increase as plants mature, The samples of this

Giant Hosta


Giant big leaf hosta cultivars start at 28 inches tall and can grow up to 46 inches tall and to more than 6 feet in width. With this ultimate size. Giant hosta plants need unlimited water and a deep rich

Yellow or Golden Hosta


Hosta color with gold leaves can range from a true gold to chartreuse, depending on variety, planting location, geographical region, Recommend planted in full sun to bring out their color The color of a yellow hosta is genetically determined. Chlorophyll

White or Partially white Hosta


Partially white hosta is easy and less care plant. The problem with the  partially white hostas is that there is no chlorophyll in the white tissue. The white part of the hosta cannot produce the food for their root and

Streaked Hostas


Hostas that show a different color around the edge of the leaves or in the center of the leaves (medio variegated). Streaked Hostas have streaks of color in a random pattern throughout the entire leaf and not just in the

Mini Hosta


Miniature hostas are perfect as border perennial plants it’s also look great planted together in bowls, a slow growing make it good in gravel beds, separately in pots. miniature hostas are less than 6 inches tall. many minis will eventually

Green Hostas


Green hosta is so fascinate in the garden due to the beautiful shade of green along with wild leaf characteristics. By hybridizing many variation of shade were created. Colorful of leave on hosta depending on genetics, exposure to sunlight or

Blue Hostas


There are few plants that demonstrated a true shade of blue foliage for the garden, Normally the attractive of plant is flower since Hostas are noted for their brightly colored variegated leaves, the best one that all gardener known hosta