Fragrant Hostas


Flower of hosta bloom later in the summer, usually August that why we call “August Lily” Hosta plantaginea is name the all gardener know well cause of very large white flowers in August with .6+ inches long and pure white

Hosta varities


By the characteristic of leaf and flower we could categorizes hosta as following – Blue Hosta – Green Hosta – Yellow or golden hosta – White or partially white hosta – Mini Hosta – Corrugate Hosta – Giant Hosta –

Hostas Mature Clump size classify


Hostas Mature Clump size classify For 5 years growing in ideal condition in same area. Hosta mature will get large clump. When purchasing new plants they will be classified in one of these classifications: • Dwarf:        

Uses and ideas for Hostas in your garden


Hostas are great for beginners due to it easy and rapidly to grow, more than that to make difference in your garden you can use hosta as, •  Border/Edger planting – with the rapidly horizontal growth Hosta is suit for

Hosts structural

Hosts structural

Plant shape Hostas usually reach their full maturity in 4-8 years. Some cultivar can grow up to a couple feet in diameter, Hostas are herbaceous perennially plant that emerge from smalls and develop the leaves at the base of the

Hosta Description

Hosta Description

Hosta are clump-forming herbaceous perennials with simple in a Liliaceae genus with about 23-45 species of plant commonly know as hostas,plantain lilies (particularly in Britain) and some know by Japanese name Giboshi. The genus is  in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily

More information and Fact about White Hostas


White hostas are seemed magical plants. However, it could ever come across one even in the experience garden. Because of basic knowledge about  chlorophyll (green pigment or molecule that plants use to convert sunlight into energy )plants can only use

White Hosta Feature Problem

White Hosta Feature Problem

Failed to thrive White Feather Hosta came up beautifully, then started to turn brown and withered around the edges of the leaves and appears to be dying. First the edges of each leaf drooped when dig it up the root

Hosta ‘White Feather’

Hosta White Feather

Hosta are one from the most popular and unique of perennials to shady areas, with hundreds of varieties. Plants form sturdy mounds of foliage, topped with lily-like blooms. This miniature selection has unusual pointed ivory-cream leaves the plants emerge snow