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Streaked Hostas

Hostas that show a different color around the edge of the leaves or in the center of the leaves (medio variegated). Streaked Hostas have streaks of color in a random pattern throughout the entire leaf and not just in the center or around the edge like most hostas. Leaf of a streaked Hosta is different year by year to the next a streaked Hosta can look completely different

Spilt milk
24" T x 30" W

Rounded blue-green leaves, white streaked and spotted centre, near white bell shape flower 30 " in summer.
Sally and Bob
Grey-green leaves with creamy-white streaks slow growing with pale lavender flower.
Trail of Tears
32" T x 15" W
Round leave with very shiny on top green yellow streaked and greenish yellow margin.
Light purple flower.
28" T x 48" W

Light Wavy Green leaf
Pale Lavender flower
Korean Snow
18" T x 24" W

Glossy green leaves, misted with creamy-white streaks lavender flower
Ice Age Trail
18" T x 48" W

Rounded corrugated blue-green leaves with yellow white streaks
nearly white flower

Giant hosta with 28" T x 1.8 M. W
Large yellow-green leaves with yellow and white streaks,
Lavender flower.
Hyugo Urajiro
Small hosta with 8"T x 14 "W

Narrow spear-like grey-green leaves with irregular yellow streaks lavender flower
13 " T x 10" W

Narrow dark green streaked leaves
heavily streaked with yellow to creamy white and green center, or white-center with a green margin
Light purple flower
Tsugaru Komachi
4" T x 11" W

Narrow green leaves creamy white streaks to green-margined a creamy white center to white-margined with a green center to all-green and lavender-purple flower.
Guardian Angel
2 ft T x 3 ft W

Heart-shaped leave with a distinct point emerging with a misted white and green center and a blue to blue-green margin.
white flowers
Hanky Panky
15" T x 36" W

Green leave in center with a cream misted green margin separated by a creamy white strip.
Lavender flowers
Dream Maker
24" T x 50" W

Giant hosta with
blue-green leaves streaked with highly variable patches of yellow to cr white flowers eamy yellow markings.
Nearly white small flower
Narrow leaves are green with highly variable splashes, streaks, and patches of yellow to creamy white.
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