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Uses and ideas for Hostas in your garden

Hostas are great for beginners due to it easy and rapidly to grow, more than that to make difference in your garden you can use hosta as,

•  Border/Edger planting – with the rapidly horizontal growth Hosta is suit for border.
•  Ground cover plant and Weed controller – With fast grower a thick mat of root will cover the ground and more leave of hosta are also able to control weeds as they leave protect light for them.
•  Background planting –Hosta Look great in stand-alone but with large green hostas will show off more colorful varieties of plants. Hostas that emerge with tremendous color but fade to all green and are great background plants.
•  Specimen planting – unusual hostas that are your favorite plants are allowed to grow into very large clumps.
•  To use yellow or white hosta in your garden they can be a natural brightener for shady or dark gardens.
•  To created good image in the large garden, plant different varieties for reliable color and texture.
•  Hostas are so great to bridge gaps in seasonal perennial bloom.
•  Use variegated hostas such white or cream margin to create “moonlight gardens”.
• A single hosta in a container is dramatic and sculptural. Hostas look great in containers paired with other foliage plants or annuals. Make sure it get adequate water.
•  Use mini hostas for edging along walkways and flower borders.
•  Hosta leaves and flowers are also look great for floral arrangements.

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