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White Hosta Feature Problem

Failed to thrive
White Feather Hosta came up beautifully, then started to turn brown and withered around the edges of the leaves and appears to be dying. First the edges of each leaf drooped when dig it up the root system looks really good but the leaves are almost destroyed.
This case might be happen ,in general, variegated plants tend to be less hardy than solid green plants due to there is less leaf area of the chlorophyll with which to capture sunlight. In the case of the White Feather, all of the leaf area is white when it first breaks through the ground – although it does develop green streaks (some leaves may become totally green) –white hosta with thin leave should be control well for the sun light, bright shade, or early morning or evening sun are their best. Direct sun exposure is often too intense for the white hostas may cause them to burn or turn brown so you can always move them to another location. Planting white host in the pot is the best way for control sun light,but don’t worry, so long as the root it’s not died it will emerge again next spring. Because of this,. It is best to start this plant in a large pot and keep it evenly moist.

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