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White or Partially white Hosta

Partially white hosta is easy and less care plant. The problem with the  partially white hostas is that there is no chlorophyll in the white tissue. The white part of the hosta cannot produce the food for their root and need this issue in green part of leave so the more part of white in leave is harder growing rate.  The partially white hostas will demand more light than other hostas but it wants to be indirect sun. Too much direct sun can burn the white part of the leaf. Morning sun is the best for them.

Too much shade also causes their color of leaf unexpected.

Partially white hosta needs an adequate of water. Water and sun are the factor of their maturity

Hosta White Elephant
Large Hosta with 20"T x 55 "W

Heart shape leaf has lighter green streaks in between the white center and dark green margin.
Light lavender flowers
Hosta’Night before Chirsmas’


18" T x 36" W

Huge dark green leave with striking creamy white centers
Pale lavender flower
Hosta 'White Christmas'
21" T x 39" W

Slightly twisted foliage with a white center and dark green margins lavender flowers
Minuteman Hosta
18" T x 30" W

A sport of H.francee
Leave are sometime cupped and slightly wavy a dark green leaf in centre with brighten white edge.
Slow growing (nearly same Partriot but more dark green in center)
Lavender flower
Hosta Fire and Ice
HostaFire andIce
21" T x 39" W

Slightly twisted foliage with a white center and dark green margins lavender flowers
Hosta Patriot

3 ft T x 3 ft W

Large ovate leaves in dark green with white edges shine in the shade (margin are creamy -yellow in spring)
lavender flowers

Partially white hosta care
Like many hostas, is hardy in Zones 3 to 9. In cold winter regions, if you’re growing partially White hosta in a pot, sink the container into soil in an empty garden bed for the winter. A vegetable planting area works great. Mulch soil once it freezes to provide extra protection for your prized hosta. For the other care same as many hosta.
The difficulty of growing white hostas, consider the ratio of white to green in the plant. As a general rule, the more white tissue there is, the more sensitive the plant and the more particular it , white leaf tissue is often thinner, making it more susceptible to burning or melting-out by sunlight. They are also note to be slow growing because of fewer number of chlorophyll to create their own food.

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