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Yellow or Golden Hosta

Hosta color with gold leaves can range from a true gold to chartreuse, depending on variety, planting location, geographical region, Recommend planted in full sun to bring out their color
The color of a yellow hosta is genetically determined. Chlorophyll creation is slowed or blocked in yellow hostas leading to less chlorophyll making the leaves appear different shades of yellow. Due to yellow hostas contain fewer food-producing chloroplasts and are therefore not self-nourishing, fertilizing is important.

August moon
20" T x 42" W

'August Moon' is one of the oldest hosta looks so classic. Medium size among hosta with large golden yellow leaves. Fast growing and sun tolerant.
Bitsy gold
8" T x 21" W

'Bitsy Gold' is a good model for edging in the rock garden or suitable plant in pot A Hosta with very narrow, long,wavy gold leaves
Appletini Hosta
6" T x 14" W

Leaves emerge yellow before changing to apple-green in summer

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